About Us

oDoc is a technology platform that allows businesses to grant their employees unlimited access to high quality remote healthcare, at the push of a button.

The oDoc platform connects users with Indian doctors and healthcare professionals for video consultation, audio consultation, and care through their mobile phone.

This means your employees have access to high-quality care without the hassle of traffic, waiting rooms and queues.

Phone consultations are very much like the doctor consultations you have experienced already. Your doctor would ask you your age, allergies and previous conditions. You would then discuss the symptoms you have been experiencing, for how long and whether those symptoms are getting better or worse.

The American Medical Association has found that nearly 75% of regular doctor visits can be handled effectively through video or audio consultations. This form of healthcare delivery has gained global acceptance and is in wide use in countries including the US, the UK, Indonesia, the UAE and Rwanda.

All doctors on oDoc are equipped with a dedicated application to manage oDoc consultations and issue prescriptions, making the doctor-patient interaction smoother than ever before.

We are a cutting edge technology company, bringing high quality healthcare to India, one business and one employee at a time.
Try oDoc today, and experience reduced absenteeism, healthier employees, and a vastly more productive workforce.