Attain and Retain Talent 


Even if you feel you have a labour turnover rate you can manage, the costs of managing attrition rates of over 3% – 4% are significant.

The real costs of an employee leaving add up. Recruiting, orientation, training, wages, and salaries paid while training, lost productivity, quality problems, customer dissatisfaction, loss of expertise and knowledge, management time to adjust and administer this process are all real costs to the company.

There are several reasons for high attrition. Among these, leaving due to the lack of benefits and a strong connection to the employer are common reasons. 

“54% of Indian workers are seriously considering leaving their jobs” – Mercer Inc. Survey 

An employee wants the employer to care about them as individuals and provide a good work-life balance. This is true not only for executives but blue-collar workers as well. 

oDoc allows you to grant an extra benefit to your employees by providing free access to health care 24/7 through their phones or the tab, that we will be providing at every location, for them and their families. Via oDoc, the employee and his/her family can consult and get medical advice from Indian Medical Council registered doctors with at least 5 years experience within just 3 minutes. This will be a huge perk for them as it reduces the need to travel far to do an in-person consultation with doctors and can be used for preventive healthcare thus preventing future illnesses. 


Many of our users have mentioned to us how useful oDoc has been to them, and how thankful they are to the employers for providing them with this benefit. Some workers went on to say that they feel valued and important as oDoc not only covers them but their families too. 


At just ₹18/- per employee per month (inclusive of their family members), you can change the way your employee looks at your company and strengthen your employee retaining and attracting strategy. 


Subscription plan details



Access to oDoc from a central terminal & from individual smartphones.

24/7 access to instant consultations with the oDoc On-Demand GP.

Unlimited video, audio, and text consultations with all GPs and Specialists on the oDoc platform. 

Valid e-prescriptions containing the doctor’s seal and signature. 

Personalised preventative and curative medical content.

Discounts on medicine home delivery & mobile labs.

All of the above benefits are for the employee and his/her family.

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