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Being able to call a doctor at any time, is a dream for many. You can make this dream come true. 

Healthcare is a basic right for every individual. 

Unfortunately, as you would well know, not everyone has equal access to it.

Due to where they live, how much they earn, literacy levels and marginalisation, your employees may not always have easy access to high-quality healthcare. Due to this, avoidable illnesses go untreated resulting in a poor quality of life, and, at times, shorter lifespans. 

This is true not only for your employees but for their families as well.

This is your opportunity to provide a stepping stone for your employees to attain their basic right to healthcare.

Have a greater impact on your employee’s lives by providing oDoc, a low-cost health benefit, to them and their family members. Provide them with an opportunity to get medical advice and treatment from Indian Medical Council registered doctors with at least 5 years of experience.

We take care, to choose not only skilled doctors but pay a lot of attention to bedside manners and empathy in our vetting process. This is the only way to ensure your workers would get high-quality care in a way that they feel truly cared for. 

Workers are given access to this service from your factory premises, and on their personal mobile phones. All these consultations are free to your workers and their families. Being able to speak to a doctor within 3 minutes, even in the middle of the night, for themselves, their spouse, or when their child is sick, is unimaginable to many.

This simple act can change their lives.

At just ₹18/- per employee per month (inclusive of their family members), for less than the price of a cup chai, you can play a role in delivering this change.

Fill in the form below to find out more how we have already deployed across multiple factories and farms, providing 100s of consultations a month to workers just like yours.

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Access to oDoc from a central terminal & from individual smartphones.

24/7 access to instant consultations with the oDoc On-Demand GP.

Unlimited video, audio, and text consultations with all GPs and Specialists on the oDoc platform. 

Valid e-prescriptions containing the doctor’s seal and signature. 

Personalised preventative and curative medical content.

Discounts on medicine home delivery & mobile labs.

All of the above benefits are for the employee and his/her family.

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