Frequently Asked Questions

What is oDoc?
oDoc is a mobile application that allows businesses to grant their employees unlimited access to high quality remote healthcare, at the push of a button. The oDoc platform connects users with Indian doctors and healthcare professionals for video consultation, audio consultation, and care through their mobile phone.  oDoc puts medical advice and instant e-prescriptions in the palm of your employees hand. Combining cutting-edge mobile technology with the best clinical expertise, oDoc enables your employees to see a doctor in seconds from wherever they are, whenever they want.
How can I download and use oDoc?
  • If you have an android phone, visit the play store to download the oDoc app.
  • For iphones visit the app store to download the app.
  • Once you download the app, follow the simple registration process.
  • Once you register – You can then, search for the doctor using the search bar or scroll through the page to find your doctor.
  • Tap the profile to view the doctor’s details.
  • Book the visit and share notes with the doctor in advance using our chat screen.

For any further information, please visit, call +919513609333 or email at any time. We are always ready to help!

Do remote consultations work?

The chances are, if you ask one of your doctor friends whether they treat their close family and friends over the phone, the answer would be “yes”.

oDoc is a way that lets us all have access to high quality care just as conveniently.

Phone consultations are very much like the doctor consultations you have experienced already.

Your doctor would ask you your age, allergies and previous conditions.

You would then discuss the symptoms you have been experiencing, for how long and whether those symptoms are getting better or worse.

In the event the doctor feels they don’t have the information necessary to treat you, they will inform you that a physical examination is required and to visit a doctor at a clinic or hospital.

Doctors are not in any way incentivised to somehow make a diagnosis on oDoc, as doctors receive the same fee from oDoc that they would for a physical visit on oDoc regardless of whether a diagnosis is made or not.

The American Medical Association has found that nearly 75% of regular doctor visits can be handled effectively through video or audio consultations.

In fact, in a meta-analysis in of over 90 peer-reviewed clinical trials conducted by Cochrane – a leading global collective of medical researchers – telemedicine was found to be effective or similar outcomes as face-to-face visit.

This form of healthcare delivery has gained global acceptance and is in wide use in countries including the US, the UK, India, Indonesia, the UAE and Rwanda.

For any further information, please visit, call +919513609333 or email at any time. We are always ready to help!


What can be treated over phone consultations?

The most common conditions that doctors treats over telemedicine platforms like oDoc would be a cold, flu, sinus, digestion, paediatric illnesses, skin conditions, advice on dietary & nutrition-related queries, advice on pain management, advice on women’s health issues, sexual health issues and mental health issues.

A video consultation is also a good platform to obtain second opinions, conduct follow up consultations, evaluate lab results and get advice general health-related queries.

For any further information, please visit, call +919513609333 or email at any time. We are always ready to help!


Can I get a valid prescription?
Yes, all prescriptions issued on the oDoc platform are legally valid throughout India, and in any country that recognizes the Medical Council of India registration.
Who is covered?
Each oDoc subscription covers the recipient of said subscription, as well as 3 of the recipient’s family members. Thus, each subscription allows 4 individuals access to unlimited telemedicine consultations via the oDoc platform.
Who are the doctors on the platform?
Our partner doctors are an elite group of professionals who are fully registered with the Medical Council of India. They include General Practitioners as well as selected specialists, covering a broad range of specializations.
When is the service available?
The oDoc service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The platform has an on-demand general practitioner available at all times, who will be contactable within a 3-minute window. In addition, specialists will be available at pre determined time slots. These time slots can be accessed when searching for your needed specialty on the oDoc app.
What if I have a problem?

Our customer care line +919513609333 is available 24/7. Also you could contact us through our oDoc facebook page and our email,