Reduce Absenteeism 


Absenteeism leads to a reduction in productivity, revenue and can also lead to employee disengagement if they are away for long periods of time.

Studies show that the rate of absenteeism in India can rise up to 40% in a year.

Many employees take time off work to travel miles to go see a doctor or to take care of a loved one from his/her family.The main cause of short-term absenteeism is due to sickness of the employee or a family member. Stats say that taking time off work for child and elderly care is also very common amongst workers. Even if the employee is physically present at work but has an ill patient at home, they are unable to concentrate on the work as they are worried about a loved one’s health.

oDoc removes all this stress from the employee, allowing them to be present and working to their maximum capability. 

oDoc can be accessed via a smart phone from anywhere at any time and you can speak to an Indian Medical Council registered doctor with at least 5 years experience, in just 3 clicks. The availability of doctors 24/7 and the ease of accessing good and reliable healthcare gives employees a peace of mind to concentrate on their work thus improving productivity.


oDoc allows the employees and their family members to consult a doctor within 3 minutes and by default leads to a reduction in the rate of absenteeism due to sickness. 


At just ₹18/- per employee per month (inclusive of their family members), let oDoc allow you and your company to maintain the desired level of productivity and revenue by providing an avenue for your employees to speak to a GP at any time from anywhere.

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Access to oDoc from a central terminal & from individual smartphones.

24/7 access to instant consultations with the oDoc On-Demand GP.

Unlimited video, audio, and text consultations with all GPs and Specialists on the oDoc platform. 

Valid e-prescriptions containing the doctor’s seal and signature. 

Personalised preventative and curative medical content.

Discounts on medicine home delivery & mobile labs.

All of the above benefits are for the employee and his/her family.

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